Jan 16

Low Sugar Fresh Paleo Cranberry Sauce Recipe

The best way to get rid of your left over frozen cranberries

- 1 pound Cranberries (washed and sorted)
- 1 cup orange juice
- 1-3 tbs high quality maple syrup or honey (depending on how sweet you want it)
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- pinch of nutmeg
optional – zest of 1/2 an orange – this adds a nice sweetness as would some finely chopped apples

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Combine in sauce pan and bring to boil over medium-high heat. Reduce to a simmer until berries begin to burst (about 25 minutes)

Let cool in a dish and pop in the fridge, it will thicken as it cools.

Oct 23

A day of eating! Sample Meal Plan

Example Meal Plan 1

So I got a question about just what exactly it is that I eat on a daily basis. So I thought I would whip up a quick post to use as a reference in case your trying to clean up a sugar addiction etc. and don’t know where to start.

Breakfast: 1 egg (or two egg whites), 1 handful of frozen or left over veggies saute in coconut oil or butter until done (or microwave in a shallow mug for 1-2 min) Adding what ever hot sauces or extras you like with your eggs.

Snack: Carrots and Almond Butter

Lunch: Avacado Chicken Salad (Or for Vegitarian - Hard boiled egg) Wrapped in Flax or gluten free tortilla or eaten over spinach and veggies.

… For the rest of this article please head to my wordpress site!

Recipes for everything listed above will be released each day following, but many of these are self explanatory so feel free to start incorporating!

If you have any questions or ideas please post me a comment!

Oct 17

Pumpkin Spice Latte Healthy Alternative

When your tempted by a pumpkin laced latte… Try this instead!

So I am constantly tempted by Starbucks (there are 3 of them on campus here and 4 within walking distance – two of which are across the street!)

And I have to say I was such a pumpkin spice latte lover in the ole’ days!

So what is your healthy swap out…?
Black tea (Starbucks sells “Awake”) with one pump of pumpkin spice syrup. If you do dairy add a splash of cream if you like and try it hot or iced.

For the rest of the article and a side-by-side calorie comparison please visit my wordpress blog…

For you coffee lovers there are more pumpkin spice swap outs on the way! :)

Oct 16

Hydration: Cucumber Mint Water

Cucumber Mint Water

It is easy as heck, extremely refreshing and will save you lots of $$$ on silly flavored waters!

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May 24


Live by it.


Live by it.

May 22

Yummy well rounded lunch!

Post of the Day! Yummy well rounded lunch

So I am on a comfort food kick and for me grilled cheese really hits the spot but we can make it just and little better and healthier than the childhood snack we all loved…we have the technology!

Here is the breakdown of this lunch

Butter two slices of your favorite whole wheat bread and lay one of the slices butter side down in the pan (if your using cold butter hold your knife under some hot water for ten seconds at the sink and it will cut like…well like a hot knife through butter!) You are going to stack your ingredients on this slice.

For this particular grilled cheese I used Dubliner Kerrygold cheddar, but use what ever cheese you think you’ll like best (but not kraft singles use real cheese!). Cut the slices really thin and put down one layer on the bread in the pan.

So to give my grilled cheese a real boost I added left over thin sliced BBQ chicken (any precook meat (and by precooked I don’t mean packaged lunch meat too much salt) will do and if your going vegitarian nothing beats some nice cooked portabello slices). 

On top of that I put really thin sliced tomatoes (which makes it a little more like a pannini but I had tomatoes that really needed to be used up) If you like panninis feel free to add fresh basil bell peppers what ever floats your boat but don’t make it too think or the cheese wont be properly melted.

Add another layer of thin sliced cheese and the other bread butter side away from the filling and turn on the pan to about medium heat. 

Meanwhile you can fry up an egg if you like. I like to dip my sandwich in the yolk. I generally fry eggs in coconut oil and put a dash of pepper, salt and cayenne.

Flip the sandwich and make a salad…I like:


handful of arrugala 





and tomato

a splash of balsamic and oil and a dollop of hummus if you have it (to dip your brocolli and bellpepper) and your salad is done.

Just slice the sandwich, slide the egg in the middle and you have a real honest to goodness meal that tastes sssooooo good!

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May 20

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Nov 15

Some Advice on Warming Up

So we all know that stretching is good…but there are tons of studies out there telling us that if you do it at the wrong time your more likely to hurt yourself.

Once and for all to clarify - Stretching in the traditional static sense (as in your sitting in a stretch with relaxed muscles for more than ten seconds) should only be done after exercise. Stretching before exercise can negatively affect your coordination and muscle responsiveness. It basically stretches out a cold muscle too far telling your body to respond by tightening, making it more likely that you will pull something.

So when is the best time to stretch…experts say at the end of the day or after exercise or else you run the risk of being slower and more prone to injury. Instead before exercise you should do active stretching like leg swings.

Just a tip to keep us all healthy!